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Find the Perfect Opportunities for the Essential Article finding

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Content production is essential to any Inbound Marketing strategy. However, when you regularly create content, it is possible to run out of article ideas.We will see how to find ideas for your business blog and especially relevant ideas to meet the needs of your buyer’s personas.

Work your buyers personas

To find article ideas, start by asking yourself: who are my personas buyers? After identifying them, ask yourself the question: what are the questions that my buyer personas ask me to find on the search engines.List the questions that each of your personas may ask each step of the funnel. This will give you a solid content base for your blog optimized for your personae. With the right article search engine this is an important task for you now.

It is not a question of answering questions about your products themselves. This is the reflection that your personas do upstream. A simple example for 1min30 would be to answer the question: what is Inbound Marketing?

It’s not about putting your client cases on your blog. Indeed, a client case is an element that serves to reassure; it must arrive at the moment when your prospect asks the question: what solution must we choose to solve my problem? Your blog, meanwhile, is used to create relevant content based on questions that will arise your buyer’s personas.

You can also search for Googles trends, to see the number of times or the keyword is searched in SEO.

Respond to your readers’ comments

The readers of your blog, give you the opportunity to find many topics of articles. Indeed, if questions often come up among your readers, take the time to answer them directly in your blog posts.

As mentioned above, the goal of a blog is to answer the questions your buyer personas ask. Answering your posts to the questions your readers ask in comments is a good way to feed your blog with topics that interest your readers.

Share your issues, your difficulties

Another track of articles for your blog is to make feedback, to share with your audience your issues over the next month or explain your difficulties.It may seem daring to comment on these types of topics on a corporate blog, however it does allow for several things:

  • Some of your readers will be able to help you solve these difficulties.
  • Sharing your issues / difficulties creates empathy with your readers and humanizes the relationship with them.

Do the day before, read foreign blogs

Eve is important for any content production. However, effective monitoring requires a certain methodology. Subscribe to your competitors’ newsletter as well as foreign blogs to get a global view of what’s happening in your market. You can also create Google alerts on keywords, to receive directly in your mailbox alerts on words that interest you.You can also open an account on Feedly to gather blog posts that interest you and read them later.


Finding blog post topics can be done in many ways. But do not forget that with your blog you mainly address your buyer personas. Whatever the subject, it must answer a question that your buyer’s personas ask and provide them with the solution.